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In the present context of time and based on the scenarios and political views around the world one thing is for sure.The future of the world economy depends heavily upon China,India and to some extent Brazil , Turkey and etc..,. so the investors around the world have nowhere to go other than the Asian countries for great returns.so, what happens? the fii’s galore in the respective stock markets . In India the stock markets are zooming ahead and the major reason that was stated “FII’S”. yes, they are a good news to the market but the other side of it is the markets become very much dependent on the foreign investors rather than domestic investors which brings in the importance of a balanced economy around the world.which is an huge thing to achieve.so the dependence has to restricted by the controlling body SEBI.eventhough there are guidelines for FII’s the market is still a haven for foreign investors.the Government of India in a divestment mode does not want to stop the FII’s and there is a very meagre chance for stringent rules to come from SEBI.
i think SEBI knows this
“But better late than never”


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