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Atlast, the telecom minister A.Raja has stepped out of the ministry himself following the footsteps of ashok chavan, shashi tharoor, etc..,. I was rather expecting this call only from yesterday, before yesterday i was sure he will not step down. but once i heard the news that he is meeting with T.N C.M and DMK Supremo Mr. Karunanidhi i thoght this is the end game . I call this a personal victory for Media who are expecting the News of resignation about the now X-minister every time there was talks of cabinet re-shuffle.but this time the pressure was way too high and the elections in T.N in the coming year. Karuna doe not want to take chances. the chanakya of T.N will make a much more greater step in keeping that post in DMK’s grasps. Whatever may had happened congress may have a huge sigh of relief. congress could not opt for AIADMk supremo’s open offer because of an terrible inconsistency of the party towards it’s allies and congress does not want to leave it’s growin relationship with DMK in T.N and does not want to play wit their slowly rising popularity in the region.
Raja may have resigned but we are GOING TO WITNESS A MASTER STROKE from the grand old man of T.N politics .


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