The power grid corporation’s FPO is part of the disinvestment strategy of the Government of India . as of now Government holds 86% of the shares and after the FPO it would come down to nearly 69%. The price band has been fixed at Rs.85-90. an discount price considering the current market price of Rs.102(as of Wednesday). a further 5% discount is also being given for employees and retail the present juncture of time the fpo is subscribed 1.72 times. the power grid corp shares are volatile in the starting days of trading this reached a low of 98 and reached a high of 104 and now stands at 102. so as per analysts and market pundits the power grid is an good option to buy and if you are lucky enough to get a lot. do not forget power grid fpo is coming after the successful ipo of coal india limited and this shows that the Government is making hay while the sun shines. they are dis-investing at the right time when the market mood is upbeat. i think this process of disinvestment would continue until the lemon is squeezed tight enough.
As for power grid corp fpo is concerned i got one word for you BUY


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