Is India on the right path ? [My take]

India considering its recent growth potential and its acknowledgement by all developed countries considering its demographic features . but is India on the right track?

my take

 INDIA considered a land of farmers and agriculture and one of the major contributors of agro products to the world . It did surprise the whole wide world by its amazing knowledge in the field of mordern technology and computers with its main weapon being its demographic feature which is now presently a greatest asset acquired by only china and India among all countries ,suddenly major number of income earners in India have increased and the dependent population is reduced to an average and so its an major and vital advantage which developed countries lack. the population i am speaking about is not only income earners but also knowledgable thus knowledge management has entered into our country even without our, speaking in maket terms India’s market is supposed to have a wide potential in the aspect of growth for eg: India’s share market the sensex indice which was being lagging behind among other developing indices in the start of the year suddenly after the election results where the reigning government assumed power once again calibrated the market and guess what the sensex indice is the top most among the developing indices .these factors eventhough makes us feel that india is definitely gonna grow but the major thing being these factors if not utilized to the full it means we havent used it at all this is our chance to obtain a pass for world power , there are only two options 1)we use it 2)we miss it .india is going strong with its youth brigade. the brigade has the potential that it cannot be ignored by anybody.this brigade seems to be in a bit of shambles losing focus in a jargoan of working in India or abroad ,these confusions should be sorted out by the way of government institutions concentrating on knowledge management .my take unless and until india keeps an eye on its knowledge management i think we are gonna choose option 2 .


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