A few good practices

(Good Practices Makes Great People Makes Great Organizations)

The most successful organizations are not only made because of money but also of people,culture and their Practices.

Bench Marking

In the Business world the success is of course measured by the balance sheet of an organization but it is not the only way , an comparative analysis is what attracts most people , everybody wants to know which company is the best in an particular industry and so they compare . This is the basis for the practice of benchmarking . Only when the destination is known we could reach it and measure the distance for the desired destination. In business there is no definite boundaries or destinations .so, how to find the desired destination’s ?create goals?,create vision and mission’s for improvement?. Here comes the usage of the practice called “Benchmarking”. In whatever industry in whatever sector their will be competitor’s and to out shine them we have to create a goals and mission’s to follow and create a path of supremacy . The Benchmark may be based upon the industry leaders or based upon standards that can be anything which you have not achieved till date.

Pros(Positives) : It would enhance your path in becoming a successful organization

  • It would add purpose for all the processes undergone
  • It would create an environment for the decision-making

Cons(Negatives) : It would sometimes create a myopia

  • It would lead you to unreasonable targets
  • Unreasonable targets would cause fatigue for the organization


“ Let us all benchmark our actions and become a benchmark in the future to come”



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