India set to overtake Japan

Made in India

The second largest growing economy, The world’s largest exporter of IT services, now an non-permanent seat in UNSC. India is indeed on her glory path. The amount of optimism about India around the world is definitely high which proves itself through our Indices . India has been seen as a high growth market by several automobile makers. Don’t forget Chennai in Tamil Nadu of India is already been called as the Detroit of India ! Yes, too many leading foreign players of the industry have started their own production units in India. These major’s are not only started manufacturing here, but also they have started to export from here. The industry here is a big boon for our economy ,especially the  production of small cars have increased three folds in three years. Japan is the leader in this category but India is fastly(Rapidly) catching up. The stats says it all japan in year 2009  has produced 3.4 mn while India in the same period has produced 1.48 mn units in the same period. During this period it has been said that the growth has been 32%. The recently entered major players in the mean time are queuing to kick start their export of small cars from India .it has been widely predicted in the industry circle that, in the years to come India would have a world share of around 80% in the small car segment(hope it happens as predicted).if all those predictions gets true India would pip japan to the top spot and more woes to the country of Japan which is still slowly rising from the recent meltdown.
“Let’s all hope India makes more engines too speed away in the race”


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