Catalyst [week 1]


(Lack of Inspiration is Lack of Improvement)


A catalyst helps the speed of the reaction as an inspiration helps for improvement. This is one such catalyst that will help your speed.

“ Don’t think outside the box, Think like there is no box”

Pranav Mistri(The sixth sense guy)

These words were spilled by the world renowned tech wizard from our land Mr.Pranav Mistri.

Most people are said to be thinking ‘inside the box’,some people are said to be thinking ‘outside the box’ ,and there are quite a very few people who ‘never think of a box’ while thinking. Quite confusing right? Definitely,it is not easy to understand something like this , that has been our problem and thats the reason there are less innovation’s from our land .According to many, people who give solutions in stereotype are said to be in a box and the solutions given in a different way are considered out of the box and those people are much appreciated(they should be of course),but the problem is that when an out of the box person gives a solution . The solution comes through the following flow

Solution——->[checked inside the box]——YES——>Outside the Box Solution(hurrah!)




Stereotype Solution.

The problem in this approach is there is a flow (a flaw!).whenever a decision is taken it is been checked and the checking mechanism acts as a hindrance to the decision making . So , throw away all your benchmarks and limits and act as though there is no limits and there is nothing to compare your work. Thus making your work truly independent and thoroughly innovative. From now on

“Let’s stop thinking out of the box ,and Let’s start forgetting about the box in our thinking.”


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