The Indian Puppetry League


Indian Puppetry League


The IPL has axed two franchisees Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab , this has been the hot news that you can see in the Breaking news column of every News channel in India . the cash rich league for quite sometime has in the news for all wrong reasons, the organizers even consider it as publicity(negative) which will only enhance the viewership of it. The franchisees were very happy with the league as it was laying golden eggs studded with diamonds and as they say super success comes with superior controversies and the hell broke out in the league everybody from every corner of India started questioning it’s legitamcy and the spirit of the game being played. After the Lalit Modi saga the brand value of IPL has taken a severe beating (only a few would accept). Now this axing of the franchises has come as shocker for many people but I was expecting something like it (truly) and I have reasons to prove I was expecting it

The IPL attracted the richest of people in INDIA and too many businessmen were involved in it.

It received immense popularity among people and became an overnight success story even before a ball being bowled.

Too much of money got involved and attained international stardom at ease.

In IPL-3 started the fate of it all it started to attract politicians and helped create an uproar in the parliament and made an MOS to resign

Thus the league became an national issue and the Government kept a close eye and their was a severe need for a shake up in the administration and it happened, and the new administration was pushed hard from the inside to show its iron hands to repurchase the brand value it lost . to sum it all, the league when kick started every critic thought businessmen will control the game hereafter
and what now happened is the reverse and the critics were proved wrong and the puppet(BCCI) which was said to be in control of corporate’s is controlling them now.


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